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Our Wines

Vidal Blanc 2014 - 12.5% ABV


With a kiss of sweet floral aromatics and a hint of orange peel, this light bodied summertime white offers notes of pear, green apple, and sweet orange.  

Our 2014 vintage is the perfect wine to sip in the hot sun or pair with grilled lime shrimp and green pepper jelly!

Baby Doll Legs Rose- 13% ABV

baby doll lega

Our quickest and bestselling white/rose' has to be this sip of southern sweetness!  By blending the widely known Riesling with the lesser known Traminette this wine has achieved a balance of sugar and acidity widely accepted by a wide variety of our wine drinking friends.  How could you make that any better?  Bless this blend with a little Georgia Chambourcin to give it a sassy pink color to go with this bright rose!  Notes of pink citrus, cotton candy, and strawberry on the nose with a follow through of strawberry and citrus on the palate make this wine a perfect pair with chicken salad.

Chardonnay 2013 - 13.6% ABV


We continue our line of oaked Chardonnay with the 2013 vintage.  Aged 10 months in a combination of French and Hungarian oak barrels, this full bodied Chardonnay offers a bouquet of grilled pineapple, banana, and butterscotch to show the complexity of this highly diverse grape.  With a filling mouth feel, and butterscotch, vanilla bean, and pineapple on the palate this Chardonnay can be paired with lobster and butter sauce, or Mrs. Sandra's favorite.....Buttered popcorn!!

Merlot 2014 - 14.2% ABV


Looking for a Merlot with an attitude?  The goal with our Merlot is to add a dimension of texture and flavor sometimes looked over in this Classic grape.  A pickup of black currant, black pepper, charred wood on the nose immediately express the "not so gentle" structure of our Merlot.  The palate might notice a complex layer of dark fruit and burnt oak that leave the palate discovering new flavors every second that passes.  Pair this big Merlot with a pepper jack bacon cheeseburger to keep it simple yet express the merge of flavor!

Syrah 2014 - 13% ABV


Dried flowers and vanilla on the nose. An array of blackberry, peppercorn, and toasted oak on the long finish! This beautiful red pairs well with smoked brisket and green beans. 

Meritage Reserve 2013


Where earth meets fruit! This blend shows an array of red and black berries with earthy undertones.


Malbec 2014- 14.2% ABV


Not on the side of big tannins and prominent oak flavored reds?  The 2014 Malbec is a perfect way to show off the dark fruit with only slight compliments from the French and Hungarian oak it aged in for 2 years. Within seconds the fruit hits the nose and shows layers of plumb, blackberry, anise, and a slight hint of earthiness to compliment the fruit.  A jammy mouth feel and low tannin makes this a great pairing with black bean chili and portabella mushrooms!

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 - 14.4% ABV


A true representation of the 2014 vintage. An array of berries on the nose carries over to an extremely juicy and fruity palate pleasing Cab! This wine truly lingers on the palate with an array of dark fruits, charred wood, and subtle spice; making this wine a perfect pairing with grilled bone in rib eye and asparagus!

Southern Sass

Southern Sassy

Premier edition of our sweet and sassy muscadine. Peachy fruit throughout the palate!.

Currahee Vineyards Wines

We also carry these selected wines from Currahee Vineyards, Toccoa, GA.

Golden Harvest : White Muscadine.

Sweet Cheryl : Red Muscadine.

Ole Blue : Muscadine with blueberries.

Sunset : Strawberry Wine

Midnight : Blackberry Wine