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wine club

Join our wine club and save on membership fees because its free! Just pick your level, buy your bottles twice a year and enjoy all the perks and discounts that are exclusive to our club members.

Our pickup months are April and October every year. You may join the wine club any time you would like. To join contact Angela Reilly @ 706-982-9617 or by email at angelareilly04@gmail.com


Looking for a Merlot with an attitude?  The goal with our Merlot is to add a dimension of texture and flavor sometimes looked over in this Classic grape.  A pickup of black currant, black pepper, charred wood on the nose immediately express the "not so gentle" structure of our Merlot.  The palate might notice a complex layer of dark fruit and burnt oak that leave the palate discovering new flavors every second that passes.  Pair this big Merlot with a pepper jack bacon cheeseburger to keep it simple yet express the merge of flavor!

Currahee Vineyards Wines

We also carry these selected wines from Currahee Vineyards, Toccoa, GA.

Golden Harvest : White Muscadine.

Sweet Cheryl : Red Muscadine.

Ole Blue : Muscadine with blueberries.

Sunset : Strawberry Wine

Midnight : Blackberry Wine